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Helping You Grow

Victoria "Vickey" Griffin 

" The Money Coach"

As a Money Coach, Ms. Griffin has used her experiences in building wealth to help others overcome financial challenges. A graduate of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, she became certified to teach and consult in money management planning for others. Sharing her knowledge and personal experiences, Ms. Griffin’s “down to earth” approach with individuals and groups has helped many people put their financial life in order.

Ms. Griffin is a New Orleans native and was raised in humble surroundings by a single parent. She started with very little but was determined to build a better future for herself and her family. Through diligent perseverance, she earned her bachelor’s degree at Dillard University and established a long-term career in civil service. Ms. Griffin managed every penny she earned and learned how to build wealth, allowing her to purchase a home and pay off her 30-year mortgage in nearly half the expected time. 

Ms. Griffin is an ordained minister with a passion for helping others overcome hardship. She uses her talents to customize strategies that empower holistic financial wellbeing!

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